Sunday, July 09, 2006


Found a project

I have been wanting a project that would be fun to drive, easy on gas, sporty, cute and inexpensive to purchase. I considered a Miata but the purchase price was a little high. I needed something cheap. The Fiero seemed a good candidate. I needed to find one that was close that I could just drive home.
Several on e-bay were within 300 to 400 miles but I didn't want to risk driving a cheap e-bay purchase that far.
Finally this one appeared and it was about 50 miles from home.
I bought my 1985 Fiero on e-bay.

Here is the e-bay add:
Vehicle Description
This is a 1985 Pontiac Fiero SE. It has a 2.8 liter V-6 with a 4 speed transmission. It is a rust free southern car. The Fiero runs and drives good. Car has new 16 inch tires. New holley carb. It has a new Acell distributor plugs and wires. The body is straight with no major dings or dents. The interior is in great shape for its age. Odometer shows 85000 miles but could be 185000 I am not sure. Things that need attention are as follows. Paint is dull could use buffing or repainted. Parking brake cable is broke. AC is not working all hooked up just not working. Engine has minor leaks due to age. Clutch safety switch only works part of the time. This would make a great first car, or a good project car. Very light and Quick. Ask any questions before bidding as I may have missed a detail important to you. Happy Bidding.

The little car runs, drives and rides very well. It has a remote starter switch in the engine compartment. It has been repainted and the paint is very dull but with some work it will be ok for a daily driver.

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