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July 4, 2006 An Overview

This is the picture from the E-bay add. Doesn't look to bad.

At home you can see the shine leaves a little to be desired.

The inside looks pretty nice for a 20 year old car.

It has new P205/55/16 tires. The wheels say Pontiac but I don't know what they came from.

The radio is missing. It had the usual deformities from the sun.

The V6 has a holley 4 barrel carb.

I plan to "tidy up" the engine compartment. It needed a good cleaning and some paint.

It also needs steel gas lines and the wiring loomed and tied. All in good time. I'm not in any hurry because the tinkering is the reason I bought the Fiero.

I have a few more pictures and as I "touch" different areas I will show before and after pictures.

The "oil leak" turned out to be the o-ring gasket on the distributor. Easy $2 fix.

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