Saturday, July 08, 2006


PART 1 neutral safety switch?

The first order of business was to fix the clutch safety switch. Upon checking the switch I found it to be working properly.I check everything I know to check and can find nothing wrong. I suspect a faulty ignition switch. After replacing the switch, it still will not start. A lot of head scratching and tracing wires and I still can't figure it out.I could run the wires and put a starter button up front but I really don't want to do that. The more I try the key switch the harder it get to turn.Thinking I might have installed it in such a way that it is binding up, I decide to pull the steering column again. when I take the switch off and look I can see it is faulty. Back to the parts store and when I replace it. Bingo, it was the ignition switch all along. The bad one had cost several hours of troubleshooting that was not necessary.

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