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September 26, 2006

When I bought FLINTSTONE (my name for my Fiero) , I knew the starter was dragging. I did not want a rebuilt starter so I had shop a little to find a brand new starter. I could had bought a rebuilt starter with a lifetime warranty for about one-third the price of a new one. A hotrod engine puts a lot of stress on the starter and I just felt better putting on the new starter. Plus the front housings get worn and rebuilt starters will not always seat to the block properly.

Another real problem area was the fuel pump. Fuel injected engines have a high pressure electric fuel pump in the gas tank. When the key is on, current is supplied to the fuel pump that incorporates a safety device to stop the flow of gas when the engine is not running.

My carburetor engine had the proper low pressure fuel pump but was wired direct with no safety device. Plus the fuel pump was just a couple inches from the exhaust manifold. I replaced the fuel pump with a new pump that is wired thru an oil pressure activated safety switch. I also located it well away from any heat source.

I wasn't pleased with the new fuel pump and felt it was not pumping as it should even though it pumped enough to supply the engine. Yesterday the new pump failed and after I installed the new one, I realized that the first one was indeed defective.

Now in less than 5 seconds (more like 2) the pump will achieve enough pressure to cycle it off as it should.

I also was not pleased with the door spring that was used for the throttle return
or the unsightly gas line draping over the engine.

These pictures shows the throttle return spring bracket that I made to hold the double-spring return. It also shows the valve covers and engine painted after about 500 miles of driving, plus you can't see the gas line because I routed it behind the carb with a stainless braided hose. Most of the wires are now "loomed" and I just have a few more visual things to address. Overall it is looking rather nice.

Flintstone is looking good. Soon, with the TLC you are giving it, it will be better than new.
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