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Valve cover makeover

July 22, 2006

I finished with the rubbing compound and polishing compound. So it was time to tackle the engine compartment. The engine will be red so I wanted the valve covers a little different. They may not be to your liking but they look pretty snazzy to me.

This is what they looked like when I pulled them off the car. Not a pretty sight.

These are the products I used to clean the valve covers. KLEEN-STRIP brand Aircraft Remover paint stripper, SIMPLE GREEN brand all-purpose cleaner, and a small brass brush. First I used the Simple Green on the inside and outside to clean off the crud. After that I sprayed on the stripper, waited a few minutes and scrubbed with the brush.

A second coat of stripper and they were looking great.

I sanded them with 80 grit sandpaper until they were no longer dull.

I taped around the sides leaving the top exposed.
I applied three coats of red spray paint.

After it dried I sanded the tops until the only red left was in the grooves.

I taped about 4 inches on each end of all the grooves using my finger nail to get a good seal. Trimmed it off flush with the ends and then taped the whole top also trimmed at the edges. I then applied the black "wrinkle paint". This was the first time I had ever used wrinkle paint and wasn't to sure what to expect.
I think they turned out great. I also applied a light coat of clear on the sanded aluminum to keep it from tarnishing.

The engine is already painted and I can't wait to get these babies back on. After about three days of 100 degree they should be ready.

Great job on the valve covers. If the rest of your restoration work comes out as good as that, you'll end up with a Fiero too cherry to use as a daily driver!
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